The Agribusiness and Market Development Department was created to facilitate the development of necessary infrastructure as catalyst for the progressive and sustainable expansion of agribusiness, investment and agro-processing activities for import substitution, food security, wealth creation, employment generation, human capital development, and security of human life and property.



The vision is to facilitate agricultural value chain, promote globally competitive agricultural industrialization & private–sector investment in agriculture.


  1. Facilitate essential infrastructure as catalysts for sustainable agricultural production-storage, processing, marketing and agribusiness.
  2. Ensures agro industrialization activities & market development.
  3. Ensure adequate and appropriate agricultural finance and insurance for agricultural investment.
  4. Job & wealth creation.


  1. Drive the development and establishment of commercially viable large scale crop processing plants.
  2. Support the adoption of on-farm processing and storage structures to reduce postharvest losses;
  3. Drive the development and supervision of the establishment of agro-based cottage industries for processing and value addition to staple and export crops.
  4. Promote the processing, packaging and storage of agricultural produce to reduce post-harvest losses;
  5. Facilitate agricultural finance;
  6. Facilitate agricultural processing and value addition to staples and export crops.
  7. Facilitate market access’
  8. Attract private investors & investments to drive agri-business.
  9. Facilitate more returns to farmers and investors from their investment into agribusiness.
  10. Facilitate agri-prenuer for gainful job opportunities for the youths.
  11. Ensure adequate insurance cover to protect agricultural investments.
  12. Facilitate agricultural investments through various investments development activities such as agri-expo, road show, agricultural fairs etc.
  13. Development agro-industrial infrastructural facilities.STRUCTURE OF AGRIBUSINESS AND MARKET DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT
    1. Agribusiness and Investment Support Service Division (ABISSD)
    2. Agro Industrial Division (AID)
    3. Marketing and Finance Division (M&F)
    4. Agro Processing Support Service Division (APSSD)